Ferrari drops Mission Winnow branding for Melbourne


Following the news that the official team name for Ferrari has reverted to Scuderia Ferrari on the 2019 entry list, having been initially registered as Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow, comes confirmation that the Mission Winnow signage will be removed from the team's cars ahead of next week's season opener in Australia.

The move follows reports that the authorities in Australia were investigating whether the Mission Winnow branding contravenes the country's strict tobacco advertising laws, Mission Winnow being the move to promote electronic (vaping) products also produced by Phillip Morris, manufacturer of the Marlboro tobacco brand that previously sponsored the team.

Speaking at the Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari CEO, Louis Camilleri, revealed the team's decision to remove the signage, admitting: "There were problems with the health department and there was no time for Philip Morris to find a solution.

"Winnow is not a brand," he insisted, "it has nothing to do with tobacco, because it concerns the transition from tobacco to electronic (products).

"In any case, in Australia we will still have a surprise on the car for the fans," he added.

It is understood that despite the Mission Winnow signage adorning the cars, drivers and crew overalls and transporters during testing, all indications of the product will be removed before Melbourne, though it is not clear if it will be reintroduced after.

Like Ferrari, prior to the launch of its 2019 contender, McLaren announced a partnership with British American Tobacco for its electronic products, a move which many argue is merely an attempt by the tobacco giants to return to the sport over a decade after they were banned, despite Phillip Morris insisting that Mission Winnow is about the raising of awareness of smoke-free "heat not burn" products.

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Published: 06/03/2019
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