Marko: Ferrari has the fastest car


Like Mercedes, we've yet to see Red Bull really off the leash yet, though the real gauntlet throwing in preparation for Melbourne won't begin until late next week.

On the evidence thus far, Helmut Marko believes that Ferrari is looking best, but that he's optimistic for Red Bull's chances.

"What I saw yesterday on the circuit, for sure Ferrari at the moment is the fastest car," he told Shy Sports, "and behind them is Red Bull and Mercedes.

"Let's see what we can do till Melbourne, but we are quite optimistic," he quickly added. "This year we can win races from our own strength and not only at special circuits like Monte Carlo and Singapore.

"We've had a very good time," he continued. "The engine is reliable and I would say we have never had such a good preparation for a season."

Asked the inevitable question about the team's new engine partner, he refused to be drawn into making comparisons with Red Bull's former supplier.

"It's a new period, we don't look back, we look forward," he said. "It's a very good relationship.

"The concern was of course reliability," he continued, "but so far there's not been a problem. There's a new culture too, but it fits very well with our people."

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Published: 21/02/2019
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