Horner upbeat on Honda progress


Following a tempestuous twelve-year relationship with Renault, this season sees Red Bull begin a new partnership with Honda.

With the Japanese manufacturer signalling an even bigger step forward than that taken in 2018, Honda convinced it will benefit from the data now supplied by two teams and Toro Rosso willing (eager?) to continue as guinea pig for big sister, the mood in Milton Keynes is extremely positive.

"Communication in any business, in particular in this sport, is a vital element," Christian Horner tells the official F1 website.

"Obviously Honda are based in Japan, but their UK base is just around the corner from us in Milton Keynes," he adds. "We've obviously got a huge amount of discussion going on between the groups.

"So far it's all been very positive and I think we've found a very healthy working environment, that we've been nurturing through the relationship with Red Bull technology, Toro Rosso and Honda, so that we don't go into next year completely afresh."

Despite claiming four wins with Renault last season, Horner remains convinced that but for more power from the French unit it could have been more.

"It's always easy to say ifs, buts and maybes," he admits. "If there would have been another 40kw in the back of the car then the season could have looked quite different.

"Hats off to everyone at Milton Keynes for arguably producing one of our best ever chassis. If you look at the other users with the same engine, there's a world of difference."

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Published: 17/01/2019
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