Ocon: I dream F1, I train F1, I eat F1, I play F1, I think F1


Assuming you believe that Sergio Perez is one of the better drivers on the 2018 grid, you will surely concur that since joining him at Force India, Esteban Ocon has given the Mexican a run for his money.

Almost from the get-go, the Frenchman was hassling his new teammate, and as they continually found themselves scrapping over the same piece of tarmac it sometimes got a little out of hand.

While Perez looks set to be retained by Racing Point Force India, Ocon's proposed move to Renault was wrecked when Daniel Ricciardo opted to join the French team, and as more and more vacancies are filled it would appear that the youngster's hopes of remaining in F1 get slimmer and slimmer.

Despite his obvious talent, the youngster is hampered by the fact that he is a Mercedes protege, meaning rival manufacturers and their customer teams have no interest, and while Mercedes own customer team Williams might offer a lifeline, the struggling Grove outfit is more likely to be swayed by the roubles proffered by young Russian rookies than the engine discount the German manufacturer might offer.

Aware that Tuesday's announcement from Sauber slammed another potential door shut, Ocon took to social media to declare that he hasn't given up on his dream.

"I have to thank everyone for all the kind messages of support I receive every day," he wrote. "We have been in tough situations before and we've always overcame those, there was no easy way throughout my career as you know.

"I can promise you that it's not at this moment I will give up," he added. "Motivation is high and my old time rivals are in top cars, and this makes me hungrier than ever! I dream F1, I train F1, I eat F1, I play F1, I think F1... I'm born to race and my only goal is to be champion and will always be. See you all this weekend."

Without naming names, it seems incredible that a talent such as this can be allowed to fall by the wayside, while drivers with just a fraction of the talent get another bite of the F1 cherry.

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Published: 12/09/2018
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