Ferrari boss reins-in on F1 quit threat


Much like Bernie Ecclestone, Sergio Marchionne had a somewhat combative approach in terms of his management and negotiating skills.

However, initial observations suggest that Marchionne's successor at Ferrari, Louis Camilleri takes a somewhat different approach.

In the wake of Liberty Media's initial plans for the post-2020 engine formula and its plans for a budget cap and the redistribution of the prize pot and doing away with historic bonuses, Marchionne wasted no time in threatening to take the legendary marque out of the sport.

Speaking to reporters at Monza however, Camilleri appears to be taking the 'good cop' approach ahead of talks with Liberty over the sport's future.

"In terms of the basic principles, where the DNA of Formula 1 will remain, if it will be at the pinnacle of automotive technology and innovation, but races will be competitive and exciting, for the fans, then Formula 1 will continue to be viable," he said. "Within those principles, I think everybody agrees. How you get there is something else.

"There are obviously three components to it, the way I see it anyway," he continued. "There's the technical regulations, there's the financial aspects and there's the governance aspects. At one point, the three have to get together.

"It's in everybody's interest to find an agreement that's viable for everyone. Beyond that, honestly, I'm not prepared to say much because I have never, and will never negotiate through the media. I hope you understand that."

Referring to his predecessor, he said: "Sergio and I clearly have very different styles, however I think we have the same ambition and we had a mutual respect.

"We clearly discussed the Ferrari business as well as the Philip Morris business many, many times. So, I miss him. And he clearly was an amazing individual. A huge brain, boundless energy, and very ambitious, as am I."

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Published: 01/09/2018
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