Hamilton books a holiday for World Cup final


Speaking to reporters at today's FIA press conference, Lewis Hamilton revealed that he has booked a day off next week in order to be free and travel to Moscow for the World Cup final should England reach it.

First, of course, comes the little matter of the quarter-final, which sees England take on Sweden, followed by a meeting with either host nation Russia or Croatia.

Referring to the game with Sweden which kicks off as Q3 comes to an end on Saturday, Hamilton turned to the FIA's communication's boss Matteo Bonciani and asked if he might be excused attending the post-qualifying press conference. When told no, he asked what the punishment for missing it would be.

"I can only imagine the boys are definitely on a high at the moment," he said of the England team. "I hope they're sleeping well, I hope they're eating well because that's a large part of it, and ultimately just going out and enjoying themselves.

"There's so much pressure on them, obviously with it being the World Cup, but there's so much support for them. England have such excited fans, there's so much passion in England for sport.

"The passion is crazy for everyone that's watching their country play," he continued. "It's like it's in your DNA... it's crazy, and it's so exciting.

"The final is next Sunday and I've booked that day off, kept it free," he revealed, "because I want to be in Russia that day supporting them!"

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Published: 05/07/2018
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