F1 trademarks 'Shoey'


Formula One Licensing has trademarked the word 'Shoey', Daniel Ricciardo's customary celebration following a win.

While there was nothing to celebrate yesterday in Azerbaijan, only two weeks ago following his superb win in China, Daniel Ricciardo revived his trademark gimmick of celebrating with a trainer filled with Champagne.

Previously, Supercar driver Dave Reynolds had introduced the 'Shoey' to motorsport following his first non-endurance race in 2015, while a year later Australian MotoGP rider Jack Miller celebrated his win in Assen in the same fashion.

Ricciardo first performed the Shoey in 2016, introducing it to F1 fans at the German Grand Prix where he finished second.

Since then, the Australian has shared his trainer, filled with the bubbly nectar, with other drivers, the occasional MC, Patrick Stewart and Gerard Butler... but neither of F1's two Finns.

However, the practice actually dates back around 15 years, courtesy of surfing and fishing brand, The Mad Hueys. Dean and Shaun Harrington, widely regarded as the face of The Mad Hueys, quoted as saying that they were drinking Shoeys as early as 2002.

Now, the Independent reveals that filings with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), reveal that F1's branding department, Formula One Licensing, has been granted a trademark registration to the word ‘Shoey'. Registered in August last year, the trademark applies in 25 countries including the United States, Germany, Italy, France and the United Kingdom.

While the trademark is only for one category, crucially it covers flasks, glasses, bottles, mugs, sculptures and figurines.

F1 had also applied to trademark the word 'Shoey' in terms of clothing also, but this was cancelled due to the fact that the word already existed in that category having been registered by Korinne Harrington, a relative of the The Mad Hueys pair who first coined the phrase.

While yesterday's clash of the Wild Bulls of Baku will please F1 bosses, delighted to see the sport getting so much mainstream media attention, no doubt they will be hoping that Daniel Ricciardo is back on the podium in the very near future, if only to help promote whatever items the sport ids hoping to sell to its fans.

Reports that F1 is also seeking to trademark Romain Grosjean's "What the ****?", Kevin Magnussen's "Suck my *****" or Lewis Hamilton's "Dickhead", are thought to be wide of the mark.

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Published: 30/04/2018
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