E-vote on overtaking scheduled for Monday


With plans to introduce new regulations to aid overtaking in time for next season previously rejected by six of the F1 teams after they met in Bahrain, tomorrow represents the last realistic chance for such rules to get the green light.

Tomorrow being April 30, the deadline for new rules to be agreed on, the F1 Commission is to hold an e-vote at which time all ten teams must give their decision. As of tomorrow, only a majority vote is needed, after that time unanimity would be required.

With the drama of Bahrain and particularly Shanghai overtaking has been on the back burner somewhat since the season opener in Melbourne produced only five passes.

However, even though there should be an overtaking fest today in Baku, future races on the 2018 calendar are likely to see a return of the age-old problem of cars being unable to get within 1 or 2 seconds of one another.

A number of suggestions have been put forward, relating to the front and rear wings, but with an eye on the complete overhaul of the regulations in 2021 some teams, particularly the smaller ones, fear that another change before then will merely drive up costs. Then again, this has to be balanced against the negativity of races that see little passing.

Formula One Management has been working with the FIA and the teams and a report has now been issued ahead of tomorrow's e-vote.

"The FIA gathered all the data from those teams that contributed, which was eight teams out of ten," said Paddy Lowe, according to Motorsport.com. "So they've analysed all of that and sent out a report yesterday. Then there's an e-vote on Monday.

"The conclusion of the FIA's work, in collaboration with FOM, was what the teams had analysed their proposal as being suitable and supporting their analysis that it would improve the ability of the cars to follow. It's the FIA and FOM working together, and they wanted to gain more confidence in their proposal by involving the teams, and I believe that's been achieved.

"I don't believe there were any teams' results which contradicted their own analysis," he added. "It's mostly about the front wing endplate."

Unlike some, the Briton is keen to see the changes implemented.

"I think it all makes sense," he said. "We've got another three years of this formula, and if we don't make changes at this point, it becomes a bit pointless because there are a huge set of changes for 2021. So this is the time that F1 should act and act decisively for the good for the show."

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Published: 29/04/2018
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