Unlimited DRS to aid overtaking?


While F1's technical boss Ross Brawn and his team look for a solution to solve the overtaking conundrum by 2021, team bosses have been called to a meeting with Formula One Management and the FIA this Saturday in a bid to find a short-term solution.

In 2017, overtaking was down by 50% on the previous season, and with just five passes in Melbourne it's entirely possible this year could be even worse.

As a result the sport's powers that be have called a meeting this Saturday in a bid to find a solution to the issue.

With the regulations for 2019 needing to be agreed by a majority vote by April 30th, it is imperative that a solution is found in the coming weeks. Should a solution not be agreed by this time a unanimous vote would be required... and with Liberty due to present its plans for the future direction of the sport on Friday, it's entirely possible that overtaking will be the last thing on anyone's mind in the weeks and months that follow.

It's understood that a number of options are being looked at, one of them being unlimited use of DRS rather than restricting its use to two or three designated zones as is currently the case.

However, Germany's Auto Motor und Sport reveals that a number of other options are being looked at including changes to the front and rear wings.

In terms of the front wing, the main proposal is that the design is "simplified", with Auto Motor und Sport suggesting that the increasingly complicated cascades be banned.

As for the rear wing, it is being suggested that the size of the flap be increased in order to give the wing more depth.

A number of rule changes for 2019 have already been agreed, including a change to the weight rules which would mean bigger, heavier drivers are no longer disadvantaged.

Also, while a proposal to make the Halo more aesthetically appealing was rejected and the airbox will remain as is, exhaust pipes will be lowered and they are no longer allowed to point upwards and thereby help create more downforce. At the same time bargeboard dimension have been reduced and slots are banned in the upper part of the rear wing endplates - a move which will at least please those looking to exploit said areas for commercial reasons.

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Published: 05/04/2018
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