Pirelli reveals tyre test programme


Pirelli has released details of this year's test programme relating to its 2019 tyre compounds.

Once again a wide range of tracks are included as the Italian manufacturer tries out wet and slick compounds for the 2019 season.

While all ten teams will try the dry compounds, only Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren will get to try the wets, with the Italian outfit running at its home track in Maranello while the other two run at Paul Ricard, which, like Fiorano, has a sprinkler system in order to artificially damped the track should it be necessary.

While the test in Shanghai has yet to be confirmed, like the planned tests at Barcelona, Silverstone, Suzuka and Mexico City, it would take place on the Tuesday and Wednesday after the circuits have hosted their 2018 Grand Prix.

Once again, in order to get the most crucial data, Pirelli is calling on the teams to have their regular race drivers available as opposed to young drivers.

The tests, which forbid teams trying out new parts or updates, are run so that drivers and team personnel have no details of the compounds they are running at any particular time.

April 17/18 Force India Shanghai* Slick
April 19/20 Ferrari Fiorano Wet
May 15/16 McLaren / Haas Barcelona Slick
May 30/31 Mercedes Paul Ricard Wet
June 14/15 Toro Rosso Vallelunga Slick
July 10/11 Red Bull / Williams Silverstone Slick
September 5/6 McLaren Paul Ricard Wet
September 20/21 Mercedes / Ferrari Paul Ricard Slick
October 9/10 Renault Suzuka Slick
October 30 Sauber Mexico Slick

* To be confirmed

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Published: 03/03/2018
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