Video: Explaining the halo


Take a double-decker bus, balance it on top of a 7kg metal frame then bolt that to a 300km/h (186 mph) F1 car.

Those are the kind of numbers the 2018 F1 chassis have to be able to stand up to…

In this brief video, Mercedes technical director James Allison reveals the "significant challenge" presented by the controversial safety device that finally becomes mandatory this season.

Far from simply bolting the device to the car, the Halo presents a unique set of issues for designers as they seek how best to install the titanium unit without compromising the car's performance in terms of aero or weight.

Added to this, while the teams are allowed to incorporate a fairing in order to aid aero performance the shape and weight of the device cannot be modified in any way.


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Published: 07/02/2018
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