Kubica tests unrepresentative


Though it has yet to be confirmed, it very much appears that Williams has opted to take Sergey Sirotkin and his roubles rather than take a punt on Robert Kubica.

Other than the fact that many believe the return of Kubica would have been the perfect feelgood story for a sport not exactly grabbing the headlines for the right reasons these days, there is concern that the inexperience of Sirotkin and Lance Stroll will hurt the Grove outfit as it struggles to catch Force India while fending off the likes of Renault, Toro Rosso and (hopefully?) McLaren.

Having previously tested modified versions of older cars, the Pole finally got his hands on contemporary equipment in Hungary last year when he drove the Renault in the post-race test. Later in the year, having been rejected by the French team, the Pole took part in a shootout with Paul di Resta for Williams, though the Grove outfit ultimately opted not to sign either.

Pirelli's Mario Isola suggests that Kubica has not been given a fair crack of the whip, claiming that the limited time in the various cars did not give the full picture.

"The point is that he was not driving since long time and needed some time to adapt," he told Motorsport.com. "I believe he did a good job, honestly. Then, the decision to take one driver or another is a different story.

"I'm not criticising the decision," he said of Williams. "I'm just saying, for me, he deserves the opportunity, the possibility to show us his potential again.

"He had to learn to the car," he said of the shoot-out. "Also, it was two sessions of half a day each, so to learn all the package is not so easy.

"Consider also we are talking about a 2017 car that is a lot different from the 2011 car; also the 2016, so it was a different car with a much better performance.

"He's not a young driver but clearly he needs some time to adapt to the new situation. For me, considering all that, the performance was more than good."

While the Renault and Williams featured special controls that allowed the Pole to adapt to the car, Kubica insists that there were no physical limitations to his driving, a claim supported by Jean Todt and the FIA.

"I don't believe he has any limitation," said Isola. "He was able to drive the car as the others driver did. I didn't see any limitation."

It is understood that when Sirotkin is confirmed as Stroll's teammate, Williams will take the opportunity to confirm a test and reserve role for Kubica.

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Published: 15/01/2018
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