Carey excited by prospect of Copenhagen F1 race


From the outset, Formula One's new owners have made no secret of their desire to expand the calendar to at least 25 races a year.

Indeed, Liberty Media is seeking to radically overhaul the calendar and give it a more regional look, starting off in the east and progressing west throughout the year.

While Europe has lost more than its share of races in recent years, Bernie Ecclestone unwilling to expand the calendar beyond 21 races whilst also keen to accept the money offered by the world's wealthier economies, 2018 - F1's first full year under its new ownership - sees France and Germany return to the schedule.

A new addition could be Denmark, where a consortium is seeking to host a race on the streets of Copenhagen.

During a visit to the Danish capital today to discuss the project, Carey was clearly enthused by the prospect of a race through the city's streets and back and forth over the numerous bridges.

"We're excited about the opportunity to explore a potential race here in Denmark," Carey told reporters. "I think Copenhagen represents the type of location that we think can really provide a great platform."

The consortium behind the race is led by former minister Helge Sander and Lars Christensen, co-founder of Saxo Bank, who believe the event will appeal to Liberty as it will open F1 up to other Scandinavian countries.

"They don't just see it as Copenhagen but as all of Scandinavia which is a potential market for them," said Christensen.

Fans of Scandi thrillers will be aware that like many of its fellow Scandinavian countries, Denmark has an environmental philosophy at odds with Formula One, though organisers insist that, spurred by the popularity of Kevin Magnussen, the event could host over 100,000 fans.

"Scandinavia has been a great part of our sport and having local drivers is always a plus," said Carey, who admitted that the venue would make a great backdrop for the TV cameras.

If given the green light, the event could join the schedule in 2020.

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Published: 10/01/2018
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