New logos abound


Whether it's because, like Chase Carey, they want to "inject fresh energy and innovation", recall more successful times, welcome a new partner or simply feel a new look might help improve performance, a number of teams have opted to update their logos for the new season.

With Aston Martin on board as title partner, on the first day of the year Red Bull reminded us what its new logo will look like.

Yesterday, McLaren also revealed a new look. Having dumped Honda, and as a paying customer of Renault, the Woking team will revert to a basic name logo for 2018.

That said, if, as is rumoured, the cars are to be all-papaya, though the font is somewhat different, the look will echo the look of the F1 and mighty Can-Am cars of the late 60s and early 70s.

With Alfa Romeo on board, Sauber has already revealed that in addition to incorporating the legendary Italian manufacturer into its name, the Swiss outfit will drop the current bright red from its logo and instead - like the cars - feature the dark, blood red, associated with the glory days of the Italian manufacturer.

Talking of glory days, Ferrari also appears to have looked to its past. The Italian team's social media pages and website having dropped the 'rectangle' usually associated with Marlboro and reverted to the iconic shield.

Whether the move is temporary or not - there is talk of the team adapting its logo to reflect an alternative brand to Marlboro - the move sees the Maranello outfit return to its roots, the shield and prancing horse emblem having been presented to Enzo Ferrari for use with his Scuderia Ferrari cars – which were initially Alfa Romeos - by the mother of World War 1 fighter pilot Francesco Baracca. Ferrari subsequently added the yellow background which represents the colour of Modena, and the SF for Scuderia Ferrari.

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Published: 04/01/2018
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