Mercedes eyeing 1000bhp


While the hybrid era may not have produced the best racing, nobody can argue that the current units are not among the most amazing technological achievements ever witnessed in the sport.

Indeed, having broken the 50 percent thermal efficiency barrier on the dyno for the first time earlier this year, it is widely considered that the Mercedes M08 EQ Power+ is the most efficient racing engine ever.

Now, having exceeded 900bhp this year, engine boss Andy Cowell believes the magical 1000bhp barrier will be broken.

"We're close, I'm sure that'll happen at some point," he told

Due to the strict limit on fuel-flow, thermal efficiency is in many ways the Holy Grail for engine constructors being based on the amount of energy that can be produced from a given amount of heat input.

Asked when the 50 percent achieved on the dyno might be achievable on track, Cowell said: "It's an answer for the early part of the next year.

"We need to see how the power unit development goes through the winter," he continued, "and our prove-out goes through the winter, and it's a balance with the car as well. There are engines running on the dyno... that's one thing. When you go to total car lap time, that's the bit where there's work being done to improve the technology on the car to enhance both aerodynamic and power unit performance. Let's see how it all works out."

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Published: 18/12/2017
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