Strategy Group discusses power units, costs and 'the show'.


Already regarded as controversial, the Strategy Group will probably be regarded as "toothless" also following today's meeting, after the FIA ignored the wishes of nine of the teams present and forced through the introduction of the Halo device next season.

Following Ross Brawn's call for all the teams to be included, Toro Rosso, Haas, Renault and Sauber attended today's meeting in Geneva but were basically observers.

Other than cockpit safety, an update was given to the teams regarding the two extraordinary meetings held in Paris recently in terms of power units from 2021, meetings which saw "significant representation from the bulk of global motor sport power unit manufacturers".

According to the FIA, further analysis will be completed over the summer which will be reviewed at the next meeting of the Strategy Group in September.

A new approach to cost control was also presented and received unanimous support, while a dedicated Working Group made up of representation from the Commercial Right Holders, the FIA and teams will be tasked to come up with innovative solutions aimed at ensuring the sport remains sustainable.

Also, a number of sporting measures aimed at improving the show were debated and specific studies will be carried out to assess these, though the fact the teams, drivers and fans have been ignored in terms of the Halo, doesn't bode well.

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Published: 19/07/2017
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