Changes to Red Bull Ring


As has been the case at all the tracks this year, in light of new regulations which see the cars lapping several seconds quicker than previously, a number of changes have been made at the Red Bull Ring ahead of this weekend's Austrian Grand Prix.

Perhaps the strangest change is that the circuit has 'gained a corner... for the curve on the approach to Turn 2 has now been designated a corner and therefore becomes Turn 2, while what was Turn 2 becomes Turn 3… and so on. Consequently, the track now features 10 corners.

The tyre barriers have been increased in depth in Turns 4, 7 and 8, while Tecpro barriers have been added around the guardrail end at the pit entry.

Orange 'baguette' kerbs will only be installed on the exit of Turns 6, 9 and 10, while the spacing between them has been increased to 3.2m.

Furthermore, additional U-drains have been installed in a number of locations in order to help prevent water running across the track.

Finally, at the request of the FIM some 30cm-wide flat kerbs have been installed at the track edge in various places.

In terms of DRS, The first zone has a detection point 360m before Turn 3, with activation 85m after Turn 3, while the second detection point is 10m after Turn 9 with activation 110m after Turn 10.

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Published: 06/07/2017
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