Cosworth and Aston Martin attend engine meeting


Cosworth and Aston Martin both attended a meeting of the Power Unit Working Group yesterday.

The group was established as the sport looks to beyond 2020 when the current engine formula comes to an end.

While it has been made clear that there is no going back to 'traditional' engines, and that hybrid, turbocharged units will remain, the sport is looking at finding a formula that will not only result in cheaper, competitive engines but encourage new manufacturers to enter.

A sign that there is interest from prospective manufacturers comes courtesy of the news from Autosport that both Cosworth and Aston Martin attended yesterday's meeting along with the likes of Zytek and Magneti Marelli.

Yesterday's was the second meeting of the Power Unit Meeting Group, the first having taken place in March when a number of other interested parties, including Volkswagen, took part.

It is understood that the meeting was positive and that all present understand that the sport cannot be seen to be moving backwards in terms of its technology and environmental responsibility, Jean Todt having previously claimed that society would not accept such a step.

A further meeting is planned for September after which the FIA and FOM will jointly formulate a proposal for the way forwards.

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Published: 05/07/2017
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