Ferrari goes aggressive at Silverstone


The tyre sets choice for the forthcoming British Grand Prix at Silverstone shows a major difference of opinion between the two main title protagonists, Mercedes and Ferrari.

While the German team opts for a conservative approach, seeming to place most of its trust in the yellow-banded soft tyre, Ferrari has gone far more aggressive.

Indeed, with both Ferrari drivers taking 9 sets of the red-banded supersofts, only the McLaren duo and Daniil Kvyat go the extra step and take 10 sets.

Like Ferrari, Carlos Sainz takes 9 sets, while Red Bull and Renault take 8, and Force India, Williams, Haas and Sauber 7, leaving the Silver Arrows as the only team to take just 6 sets.

In terms of the soft tyre, 2016 race winner Lewis Hamilton takes 6 sets, while teammate Valtteri Bottas, the Williams and Sauber duos and Kevin Magnussen each take 5.

The Force India duo take 2 sets of the mediums each, as do Bottas and Romain Grosjean.

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Published: 04/07/2017
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