Vettel: "In the heat of the action I overreacted


In the wake of the FIA's decision to take no further action following the incident during last month's Azerbaijan Grand Prix, and Sebastian Vettel's apology to the sport's governing body, the German took to his own website to issue a public apology.

"Concerning the incidents of Baku I’d like to explain myself," he writes. "During the re-start lap, I got surprised by Lewis and ran into the back of his car.

"With hindsight, I don't believe he had any bad intentions," he continues. "In the heat of the action I then overreacted, and therefore I want to apologise to Lewis directly, as well as to all the people who were watching the race. I realize that I was not setting a good example.

"I had no intention at any time to put Lewis in danger, but I understand that I caused a dangerous situation.

"Therefore, I would like to apologise to the FIA. I accept and respect the decisions that were taken at today’s meeting in Paris, as well as the penalty imposed by the Stewards in Baku.

"I love this sport and I am determined to represent it in a way that can be an example for future generations."

While the FIA claims the case is now closed, the German is on notice that any further silliness will see him summoned before the International Tribunal.

Furthermore, with 9 disciplinary points on his licence, any further incidents resulting in penalty points in the coming weeks would lead to an instant race ban.

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Published: 03/07/2017
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