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One of the words fastest growing industries is none other than the mobile games industry. This sector has seen a huge rise in popularity due to the great innovations in technology which have occurred in recent years. There are now more mobile games on offer than ever before and as well as this there are again more mobile game developers entering the market each day. There is one gaming provider that has embraced the mobile market, namely Reel Vegas Casino.

Mobile casinos live Reel Vegas offer a 100% compatible casino serving, allowing the users to access their games almost anywhere. What's more new providers like RV provide pretty impressive "New Customer Bonuses" as well as Free Spins to their customers. This tactic is often missing from existing casino providers, as they can often take their current customers for granted.

1. What about the mobile games themselves?

These types of mobile games now make full use of the much improved graphical capabilities of the mobile device itself. This ensures an entertaining and smooth running experience is had by all. As you can see the world of mobile gaming has come a long way in the past two decades and the future is looking extremely bright for this wonderful industry as more and more vendors openly enter the market in an attempt to get a piece of the action.

2. What about the playing games on mobile devices?

Mobile games on these modern phone devices have improved considerably over the years and you can now play a large percentage of console based video games than ever before on these devices. This is due to the manufacturers creating technology that allows developers the tools they need to produce these games and offer them to their customers. Many of the worlds latest mobile devices incorporate java based technology which enables these games to be played smoothly and seamlessly.

In addition to the more traditional mobile games that can be played on these devices we have now seen some of the worlds other industries taking a part of the market. By these I mean the implementation of the mobile casino to mobile gaming devices which again offers the customer much more choice of the games they wish to play. Reel Vegas have clearly invested time with their selection of games on offer. Listed below are some of the mobile games available:

Reel Vegas Roulette

Reel Vegas Mobile Slot Games

Reel Vegas - Rainbow Riches

Reel Vegas - 100,000 Pyramid

Please feel free to test out the games on offer at Reel Vegas, especially as they can be enjoyed for free and for a wager if preferred.

Other Casinos offer the user the chance to download their free software and then play their favourite casinos games such as poker, blackjack, roulette and of course bingo whenever they wish. They can participate in these games from a anywhere they wish as long as they have a steady internet or 3G connection which is very beneficial for most. With Reel Vegas you don't need to download anything at all.

3. When did mobile gaming take off?

The world’s first mobile game was Tetris back in 1994 which was made available on the MT-2000 mobile device and the game was met at the time by mainstream accolades as it was one of the most innovative ideas of the time. This game was the only one available for a further three years until Nokia released one of the world's most popular and most successful mobile games of all time which of course is the infamous Snake game.

This game has seen a huge success and is still played today by many gamers as it was one of the most entertaining and challenging mobile games of all time. This unique game was so popular that by the time 1999 came it was believed to be installed on over three hundred and fifty million handsets across the world which was a huge achievement.

After the turn of the century mobile games became a large part of the pull of mobile phone manufacturers with all of these companies wishing to offer their customers with a much greater choice.

As time has gone by and with the advancement in technology, mobile games have now grown considerably both in popularity and quality. Therefore it is no surprise that the industry has been thriving due to this factor for over a decade.

There are also other increases in use for almost all media related data that can be accessed on a mobile phone. Organisations such as Football24-7 and Chomp Mobile Casino have also pushed hard to attain a share of their respective markets.


Mobile gaming is clearly here to stay thanks to the advancement in Technology for areas such as data speed. If you want to enjoy playing the latest mobile or mobile casino games, then make sure you play responsibly.

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Published: 23/06/2017
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