Pirelli reveals 2018 tyres test schedule


Together with the teams, Pirelli has defined the development programme for its 2018 slick and wet weather Formula 1 tyres.

The programme will start on Tuesday, during the in-season test immediately after the Bahrain Grand Prix, and will conclude from 14-15 November at Interlagos in Brazil.

The sporting regulations state that the tests will take place over a total of 25 days of running (with one day of running equating to the use of one car). Unlike last year, all the teams will take part. As a result, Pirelli's 2018 tyres will be tested using current cars, without the need for mule cars like last year.

The way that the tests will be carried out remains identical to last year, so these will still be 'blind' tests, without the teams and drivers knowing exactly which type of tyres they are trying out.

Eight circuits will host the development programme. As well as Bahrain, where Ferrari will devote one car to tyre testing on Tuesday, tests will also take place in Barcelona, Silverstone, Magny-Cours, Budapest (again during the in-season test immediately following the grand prix), Mexico and Interlagos.

There will also be a wet test at Paul Ricard, using the circuit's facilities that allow the surface to be artificially dampened.

18/19 Apr 1 Bahrain Ferrar (1 day) Dry & In Season
16/17 May 4 Barcelona Renault (2 days) Toro Rosso (2 days) Dry Tue/Wed after race
31 May/1 Jun 2 Paul Ricard Red Bull (2 days) Wet Stand alone
29/30 Jun 2 Paul Ricard Red Bull (2 days) Dry Stand alone
18/19 Jul 4 Silverstone Williams (2 days) Haas (2 days) Dry Tue/Wed after race
19/20 Jul 2 Magny Cours McLaren (2 days) Wet Stand alone
1/2 Aug 1 Budapest Mercedes (1 day) Dry & In Season
3/4 Aug 2 Barcelona Ferrari (2 days) Dry Stand alone
7/8 Sep 2 Paul Ricard Mercedes (2 days) Dry Stand alone
31 Oct/1 Nov 3 Mexico City Sauber (2 days) Force India (1 day) Dry Tue/Wed after race
14/15 Nov 2 Interlagos McLaren (2 days) Dry Tue/Wed after race

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Published: 15/04/2017
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