Rosberg wants to remain "involved" in motor sport


Is it just us, or does it feel that we are seeing - and hearing - as much of Nico Rosberg, now that he has retired as when he was racing?

Not content with speaking at DAVOS 2017, the World Economic Forum, on the mental preparation that went into winning the title, including Zen meditation, philosophy and trying to be a good team leader, the German subsequently popped up in Barcelona for the second day of testing.

The equivalent of dropping in at your old school or former employment... just a week after leaving, it left Lewis Hamilton with an open goal and the Briton duly obliged.

Having described Valtteri Bottas as his best teammate ever, the three-time world champion lamented the fate of unnamed former F1 drivers.

"Pretty much most drivers are recognized in the car, but as soon as they are on the red carpet nobody knows the hell who they are," he said. That’s why many end up in the paddock again."

'Back of the net', as Alan Partridge might say.

Already an ambassador for Mercedes, Rosberg has admitted that he is seeking a role in motorsport, though he has no intention of returning as a driver.

"I want to stick with racing in some capacity, whatever it may be," he told Sport Bild. "But I won't be coming back as a driver, no way. I'm thankful even though I put my life upside down by retiring from the sport.

"I followed my heart," he said of his retirement, "and I'm totally happy to close my personal F1 book with winning the world title. I achieved everything I set out to achieve. Now, my new life will be as big a challenge as F1 was.

"I want to be as successful," her continued. "But now I can decide on my own what I want to do and I'm not being driven as much."

"At the moment I'm primarily working on social projects to help children and the less privileged," he added. "I want to give something back. This means a lot to me. I'm looking for a project I can put my whole heart into. There are plenty of possibilities. One could be, for example, to help other drivers to be successful, maybe as counsellor or in a management capacity."

Asked if he might one day become a team boss, he said: "I don't say no, a lot is possible."

Currently the Pitpass team has a small wager on at which of this year's races will Rosberg present the winner's trophy on the podium and do the interview, editor Balfe suggesting it will be the first race in which Valtteri Bottas beats Hamilton.

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Published: 20/03/2017
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