Boullier suggests return to active suspension


Amidst the row over suspension systems that threatens to overshadow the season opening Australian Grand Prix, McLaren boss Eric Boullier has suggested a return to Williams great innovation of the early 90s.

Claiming that it is has been considering a hydraulic system of its own that would be similar to that of Mercedes and a couple of other teams, late last year Ferrari asked the FIA to clarify its legality, designer Simone Resta cleverly suggesting to Charlie Whiting a number of reasons why the system might break the rules.

Following Resta's initial letter to the FIA, Whiting responded but in many ways only served to further muddy the waters.

Since the exchange of letters, a number of meetings have taken place and among the suggestions put forward, other than a return to conventional suspension or indeed no restriction, was the return of active suspension, which played a vital role in Williams dominance of the 1992 and 1993 seasons before being banned in 1994.

Speaking in Turin at an event to mark Pirelli's 110 years in motorsport today, McLaren team boss Eric Boullier admitted that it was he who suggested the return to active suspension.

"It's a funny topic," he admitted. "Maybe we one day stop and copy the road car, which is to bring active suspension back, because at least that would close the debate.

"Today, everything is subject to the interpretation of the regulations and then you push for one concept which can be differently interpreted from another one," he continued. "This is why Ferrari is trying to push its opinion, or interpretation, into being made valid by the FIA.

"We're in the middle of this," he sighed, "and actually, most of the teams have contacted us over this topic. Ferrari has its own interpretation of what can be done and they try to push their opinion through which obviously does not please some other of the teams."

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Published: 14/02/2017
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