Manor launches Fast Companies Series


Manor Racing today launched their new Fast Companies Series, shining the spotlight on some of the most entrepreneurial challenger brands that are shaping the future by putting them on the global stage of a Formula 1 race. The first invited Series partner will be Dojo App, the Fast Company partner of Manor Racing at the British Grand Prix.

The Dojo brand will be on the rear wing of both Manor Racing cars alongside other visionary team partners Shazam and Airbnb. Dojo is the number one City Discovery App, currently expanding from London and Paris to other global cities. Robin Shimmin, Dojo CEO, quit his well-paid job as a designer at Lotus F1 Team to join friends Nicholas Dart (CTO) and Devran Karaca (COO) in starting the company. All had one thing on their mind: to solve the problem of finding something to do in a city.

The Manor Racing Series format invites Fast Companies to be part of the team for a Grand Prix weekend, providing brand exposure, a platform to showcase their product and service, along with challenger mindset workshops and events. Manor Racing employees are able to put forward the companies they would like to work with as part of the Series.

To celebrate, Dojo are taking the Manor Racing team on a day out, chosen by their Editors, letting loose discovering London before the focus starts again at the track.

Simon Pavitt, Marketing Director at Manor Racing: "Dojo specialises in finding off-the-grid places to visit in cool cities, so it's ironic that this weekend we are putting them firmly on the grid at the British Grand Prix. Dojo is the perfect fast company to launch our Series.

"Companies like Dojo see the gap in the market and go for it. There are so many learnings we can trade with these companies from the upstart mentality and strong internal cultures, access to owners with entrepreneurial mindsets and harnessing technology to disrupt the status quo. Throughout the year, as we travel, we can connect these companies around the world, sharing learnings, especially around digital marketing and customer engagement.

"The partnerships we grow through our Fast Companies Series will be for more than just a race weekend. Dojo for example are scaling into more dynamic cities around the world, so this won't be the last time the team uses the Dojo App to find out the more underground places to enjoy on a Grand Prix weekend. The fact that one of the founders of Dojo, Robin, started out in Formula One and has since gone on to create a truly Fast Company inspires those at Manor Racing."

Robin Shimmin, Dojo CEO: "It's awesome to see Dojo on the track with Manor Racing. Coming from an F1 background, it's a real honour to be involved in their new initiative. Manor Racing are the smart underdogs and are bringing a fresh feel to Formula One. Being able to access Manor Racing Senior Management, for example Stephen Fitzpatrick and Justin King, who have already succeeded in business, enables us to learn about leadership and maintaining rapid growth in a new way outside of our usual circles."

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Published: 08/07/2016
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