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At the end of the first week of testing in Barcelona, many dismissed the initial set of stats issued claiming, quite rightly, at that at that stage all they showed was that Mercedes has reliability, and how.

A week later and we still don't have any meaningful insight into the true pecking order as, particularly on fast runs, we are unsure of fuel loads etc. Then there is the fact that most cars will be sporting new parts in Melbourne, based on data accrued in Spain.

Furthermore, the ultras that filled six of the top ten best times are not really suited to the Circuit de Catalunya.

In fact, most of our questions won't be answered until FP3 on Saturday in Melbourne, while Qualifying, with its complicated new format is aimed more at shaking up the grid than seeing who is outright fastest.

Whatever your opinion of the stats, one simply cannot ignore the clockwork reliability of the Mercedes, nor the fact that on softs they were up there.

Then again, speaking of softs, there is the fact that Kimi Raikkonen produced a 1:23.099 on the yellow-banded rubber, just 0.244s off the quickest time of the entire test, posted by him of ulras.

Consequently, we know that Ferrari is close to the Mercedes, maybe ahead on pace, but how close. And then there's reliability.

As ever, Williams was giving little away, however reliability was good, as was pace, whilst both drivers claim that slow corner speed in much improved on 2015.

Then comes an intriguing midfield, where we have the genuine prospect of Toro Rosso heading Red Bull, whilst Force India, not forgetting its off-track distractions, is looking good.

Renault has admitted that it faces a difficult year, but free of the financial shackles that held back Lotus, the Enstone outfit is sure to improve as the season progresses.

Having not introduced its 2016 contender until the second test, there's little to be read into the stats, though the Swiss outfit will be keen to improve on a highly disappointing 2015.

Of course, one of the big questions is how will McLaren fare? Despite a number of issues the Woking team certainly has a decent number of laps to its tally, but not enough.

However, Honda appears to have learned from the disaster of 2015 so hopefully we will see progress over the months ahead and Fernando and Jenson given a car worthy of their talents.

Anyone who thought bolting a Mercedes in the back and partnering with Williams was going to put Manor in line for podiums was seriously deluded. The Banbury team is another that faces a long, hard season in the toughest school of hard knocks, but with friends like Mercedes and Williams it can only improve.

After an impressive first week, it was back to earth with a crash for Haas, the American team suffering a number of issues. Hopefully it has learned from the tests, not only in terms of reliability, but learning to walk before it runs, certainly as far as over-confident soundbites for the F1 media is concerned.

Engine Manufacturer Test Mileage

Engine Manufacturer Miles Kms
Mercedes 9872.2 15887.3
Ferrari 9299.3 14965.4
Renault 4607.8 7415.3
Honda 2053.7 3305.0

Team Test Mileage

Team Miles Kms
Mercedes 3742.9 6023.4
Toro Rosso 3034.2 4883.0
Williams 2476.0 3984.6
Ferrari 2470.2 3975.3
Sauber 2423.9 3900.8
Red Bull 2363.2 3803.0
Force India 2253.3 3626.2
Renault 2244.6 3612.2
McLaren 2053.7 3305.0
Manor 1400.0 2253.0
Haas 1371.0 2206.4

Driver Test Mileage

Driver Team Miles Kms
Rosberg Mercedes 1897.5 3053.6
Hamilton Mercedes 1845.4 2969.8
Verstappen Toro Rosso 1544.6 2485.7
Sainz Toro Rosso 1489.6 2397.3
Magnussen Renault 1472.3 2369.3
Vettel Ferrari 1411.5 2271.6
Ricciardo Red Bull 1321.9 2127.3
Nasr Sauber 1316.1 2118.0
Bottas Williams 1287.2 2071.4
Massa Williams 1188.8 1913.2
Ericsson Sauber 1107.8 1782.8
Button McLaren 1090.5 1754.9
Raikkonen Ferrari 1058.7 1703.7
Kvyat Red Bull 1041.2 1675.6
Hulkenberg Force India 1032.6 1661.8
Alonso McLaren 963.2 1550.1
Perez Force India 835.9 1345.3
Palmer Renault 772.3 1242.9
Grosjean Haas 743.4 1196.3
Wehrlein Manor 728.9 1173.0
Haryanto Manor 671.1 1079.9
Gutierrez Haas 627.7 1010.1
Celis Force India 384.7 619.1

Best Time By Tyre Compound

Compound Driver Team Time Date
Ultrasoft Raikkonen Ferrari 1:22.765 03-Mar
Supersoft Vettel Ferrari 1:22.852 04-Mar
Soft Raikkonen Ferrari 1:23.009 03-Mar
Medium Rosberg Mercedes 1:24.126 03-Mar
Hard Bottas Williams 1:25.402 02-Mar

Longest Stint By Tyre Compound

Compound Driver Team Laps Date
Ultrasoft Vettel Ferrari 7 23 Feb/1 Mar
Supersoft Vettel Ferrari 8 23-Feb
Soft Bottas Williams 17 23-Feb
Medium Magnussen Renault 30 25-Feb
Hard Bottas Williams 26 23-Feb

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Published: 06/03/2016
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