Vettel in action at Fiorano


Sebastian Vettel has begun his 2016 preparations by driving 2014 Ferrari F14-T at Fiorano

While the regulations strictly forbid testing in a current car, or even using 2016 components or tyres, the FIA is believed to have sanctioned the German taking to the Italian team’s private test track in the 2014 car.

"Testing of Previous Cars (TPC) shall be defined as any track running time, not part of an event, in which a competitor entered in the championship participates (or in which a third party participates on behalf of a competitor or a supplier of a homologated power unit), using cars which were designed and built in order to comply with the 2012, 2013 or 2014 Formula One Technical Regulations," states Article 10.2 of F1's Sporting Regulations.

"No competitor may sell or make available any such car to any third party without the prior authorisation of the FIA. TPC may only be carried out with cars built to the specification of the period and only tyres manufactured specifically for this purpose may be used."

Prior to his on-track activity, Vettel is understood to have spent a day in the Ferrari windtunnel.

Next week the German takes part in the scheduled two-day wet test at Paul Ricard, which will see him drive the 2015 car.

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Published: 19/01/2016
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