Sainz: "Hopefully tomorrow I can try and race"


Having caused the sport to hold its collective breath earlier today, Carlos Sainz insists he's feeling no after effects and is hoping to take part in tomorrow's Russian Grand Prix.

As medics and marshals worked at the scene of today's crash, the devastation coupled with the fact that no TV replays were being provided caused many to fear the worst.

However, a thumbs up as he was stretchered in to an ambulance, a grin from his hospital bed coupled and reassuring words from his team allowed the sport to breathe out, the whys and wherefores of the crash to be examined later.

Tonight, speaking from his hospital bed, Sainz not only wanted fans to know he's feeling fine but that he hopes to take part in tomorrow's race.

"Hi everyone! As you can see I am fine," he said. "My back and my neck are just a bit sore from the accident, but I'm totally ready.

"Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up in a good shape and maybe I can try and race – this is definitely the intention!

"Obviously we need to be cautious... I've always been conscious. As soon as the accident happened I tried to talk to the team on the radio, but it wasn't working and those must have been some scary moments...

"I'd like to thank everyone for their support, it's really nice to receive all your messages at a moment like this one! I hope to see you all tomorrow out there!"

Whether he races or not, we're just glad to see that he's OK.

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Published: 10/10/2015
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