Bernie to the rescue


And on the second day (of the Japanese Grand Prix weekend), amidst the great annual deluge, the mighty one did look down on the paddock and saw that some of his children were without food and water.

The leader of their tribe had not paid the rental of the hospitality unit for 2014 and consequently the moneymen at Suzuka did bar the way to the hungry people of Lotus. There was much gnashing of teeth.

Whilst Jolyon Palmer, son of the chosen one, did tweet a picture of himself sitting on the floor eating crisps, Pastor Maldonado wondered how he might best wreak vengeance.

But the supreme being, ruler of the paddock and beyond, did take pity on the Lotus tribe, for apart from anything else their dishevelled look was unpleasing to his eye.

He sent out word to the Paddock Club that the Lotus tribe should be given shelter and sustenance, and lo, the Enstone people did find shelter and food... and it was good.

In the time honoured way they took to Twitter to give praise to their saviour... along with a nice picture.

And Bernie, for it was he, did quietly add the cost to his invoice, casting his gaze across the land to France.

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Published: 25/09/2015
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