Ecclestone: No special deal for Monza


With the Italian Grand Prix just two weeks away, fears are mounting that the legendary track could disappear from the calendar after next year.

Like many of the older circuits - Monza has hosted all but one round of the championship since its inception in 1950 - the Autodromo is struggling financially.

Unlike the new additions to the calendar, which are mostly bankrolled by governments keen to present a certain image to the world, no matter the cost, Monza has to pay its own way.

True, in recent years the Italian track has benefitted from reduced hosting fees, but no longer, Bernie Ecclestone insisting that the circuit must pay the same as other circuits or face the inevitable.

"They've got a contract, all they've got to do is find a pen," he told reporters at Spa.

"It's easy," he continued. "We had a deal with them two years ago, if they just continue with that it's all OK. We are happy to be at Monza, but we are not doing cut-price things."

Asked if he believes organisers in Italy, who are known to be looking at a number of options in order to raise the necessary funding, will agree to the deal, Ecclestone said he has "no idea.

"I haven't got a clue," he admitted.

It goes without saying that though heavily emasculated over the years, Monza remains one the most popular venues on the calendar as far as fans, drivers and teams are concerned.

Pitpass has suggested that if some teams are granted historical relevance - including Red Bull - in terms of prize money share outs, why can't a similar arrangement be found for historic circuits.

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Published: 23/08/2015
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