Webber encourages Button to quit F1


His future in F1 seemingly out of his hands, Jenson Button has been advised by former rival Mark Webber to head to Sports Cars.

Currently, Button is in F1 limbo, unsure whether he has an F1 drive in 2015 or not. With Fernando Alonso widely thought to be heading to McLaren, the future of the current drivers, Button and Kevin Magnussen remains up in the air.

Should the Spaniard return to Woking would the team opt to retain the Briton, who has a long-standing relationship with (2015 engine partner) Honda or rookie Magnussen who has (mostly) impressed in his first season. Whilst the Dane would be the less expensive option it is unlikely that Honda will be concerned about money at this stage.

Of course, that's assuming Alonso is heading back to Woking, if he isn't all bets are off.

And that is part of the problem for Button who claims that the team is telling him nothing and that he feels he has already been cast aside.

"You want to feel like you are wanted within a team and part of the family," he told reporters in the wake of a convincing drive to fourth in Brazil. "It's like if your parents were to turn round and say 'You know what, we're not sure if we want you at Christmas this year. But your brother can come, he's great'. You want to feel like you are part of the family and that they want you to be part of the family. That's more important than cash.

"Whatever happens next year, the money is not the issue in any way, shape or form... for me, anyway," he insisted. "Whether I'm racing here or racing somewhere else, I do it because I love it. I still want to earn money because I feel I have achieved and I feel that I should get paid for what I do in an F1 car or in a racing car and for what I bring to a team. But, I will race somewhere even if I'm not getting the big bucks, unlike a few drivers who are out there."

Taking to Twitter this morning, Button, who admits to be stunned by the level of support he's getting from fans and even fellow drivers, wrote: "Hopefully soon I'll be able to give you more info about my future."

Shortly after, Mark Webber, who has successfully made the switch from F1 to Sports Cars, replied to the Briton.

"Matey just sign that sports car contract and get on with it. Be mega to have you with/against us next year."

Previously, Button has been linked with Porsche, the team with which Webber has found a new home, but this was subsequently denied. However, the Australian appears to know more than he's letting on.

All of which should inspire Ron Dennis, Eric Boullier and pals to make a decision... assuming, of course, they know what's happening.

Then again, there’s the thorny issue of third cars.

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Published: 12/11/2014
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