Perez calls for more use of Safety Car


In a sombre build-up to Russia's inaugural Grand Prix, overshadowed by the events of last Sunday, Sergio Perez has called for the Safety Car to be deployed whenever a recovery vehicle is in operation.

As the paddock awaits further news of Jules Bianchi, and the sport carries out an investigation in to the circumstances surrounding the accident, Perez called on the powers that be to act following the collision with a recovery tractor that left the Frenchman critically injured.

"In the future, when there is a tractor picking up a car, we need a safety car no matter the conditions because there is always a risk," Perez told reporters. "You expose the marshals, a lot of people, so we need a safety car if the tractor is on track.

"You could have people run out of brakes, so many factors you never expect, and if the tractor is there it's a big problem," he continued. "You don't want to expose anyone like that. We have to take care of the marshals.

"For the good of him, for the good of his family, we need to really move forward in terms of safety on what happened. Hopefully in the future you will never see an accident like this in the whole of Formula One; Being a tractor there and then a car colliding with it cannot happen. We cannot have this."

The Mexican, who like his colleagues will be sporting a tribute to the Frenchman this weekend, admitted that it will be difficult to focus knowing that far away in Japan Bianchi continues fighting for his life.

"It's very difficult. I'm here with you guys but all the time your subconscious is thinking about our friend Jules. What happened this Sunday was a big shock for all of us. For everyone who is involved in the F1 paddock it's a big shock. You always realise that the risk is there but you always think that it cannot happen to you, it will not happen to you.

"But when you see that it happen to a guy who was next to you last Sunday and now he's not with you - he's in a very difficult situation - that makes you think a lot of things."

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Published: 09/10/2014
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