No Bahrain tests in 2015?


It is understood that Bahrain will not be used for pre-season testing again in 2015.

This year, following the opening test in Jerez, the teams headed out to Bahrain for two final four-day pre-season tests.

The idea behind the move, proposed by the F1 Strategy Group, is understood to have been the guarantee of good weather, with previous years pre-season testing often affected by rain which subsequently compromised running.

However, there has also been talk of 'sweeteners' (as if) in an attempt to further boost tourist figures and spending in the island country.

For 2015 however, with an eye on cost-cutting, it is understood Bahrain is out and all pre-season testing will take place in Spain, the first test at Jerez and the two remaining tests at Barcelona.

Furthermore, it is understood - but not confirmed - that 2015 will only see two in-season tests as opposed to this year's three. Of the in-season tests more emphasis will be placed on upcoming drivers.

Other than costs, it is believed the sheer distance between Bahrain and the team's European bases caused problems as they attempted to ship out spare parts and updates.

Much like the Strategy Group's other proposal, whereby there would be just one Friday free practice session on Grand Prix weekends, the idea has not gone down well with the smaller teams or the fans. Indeed, with some teams - and Pirelli - unhappy with current limits on testing a further reduction, in terms of in-season testing, will hardly calm the waters.

Indeed, despite talk of travel and hotel costs it is the constant updates which truly drive up costs.

Chris Balfe

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Published: 10/06/2014
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