FIA admits 'confusion' over election rules


The FIA has admitted 'confusion' over its own election rules as Senate President claims electing Sport Vice Presidents democratically is "not practical"

In a letter to clubs (seen by Pitpass) the FIA has explained that an amendment to the election rules is now required at the General Assembly on 6th December. The confusion concerns the election system for & Vice Presidents for Sport and inconsistency between the rules of the FIA Statutes and the internal regulations.

In response David Ward, a candidate in the 2013 election, has proposed a more democratic method of electing the Vice Presidents. Ward argues that they should be elected by their regions rather than by being on the list of the successful Presidential candidate. "This would follow the precedent already used for the Vice Presidents for Mobility who are elected by their regions independently. This approach is both much simpler, more democratic and accountable".

Ward has also challenged the role played by Nick Craw the President of the FIA Senate in dealing with the rules chaos. In a letter to the FIA's Chief Administrative Officer, Ward writes, "Surely his involvement breaches the undertaking you gave me that Senate members standing in the election would not participate in such discussions and significantly compromises the mission assigned to the Senate by the World Councils?"

Ward also reveals that last week he spoke with Nick Craw to encourage Jean Todt's team to support a statute amendment to remove the Vice President's from the list requirement. Nick Craw has responded by stating that "the idea of electing Sport VPs democratically is not practical".

Ward comments that he cannot understand why democracy in the FIA "is not practical". "It seems to work perfectly well in electing Vice Presidents for Mobility so why not in the Sport as well?"

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Published: 21/10/2013
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