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OK, it's a corny headline but what better way to introduce this stunning F1 brake disc clock.

Our friends at Memento Exclusives have been working with the Lotus F1 team to develop this fantastic looking 'upcycled' brake disc clock, the latest in a range of F1 car parts to have undergone a startling transformation by the Memento Exclusives team.

A brake disc can take up to 6 months to manufacture and hundreds are used by each team every year. Designed to withstand temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees Celsius and to stop a car travelling at 200 mph in 4 seconds, exerting over 5G horizontal force on the driver.

These 2009 discs are made from the highest-grade carbon fibre and taken out of retirement from the Renault F1 archive and given a 2nd life as luxury clocks for your home or office.

Used by the likes of Fernando Alonso, Nelson Piquet Jr (!) and Romain Grosjean in 2009, these discs have real racing credentials and, with their new transformation, make an impressive statement for your home or office wall.

The original titanium bell and bolts give the clock an industrial look & feel, whilst the network of brake cooling holes make for an attractive design feature.

Take a look at the clock here

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Published: 20/10/2013
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