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After Canada, conspiracy theories abound as Glen Crompton suggests Formula One will have a new tyre supplier for 2014, while not holding back his disappointment at Giedo Van der Garde.

With editor Chris Balfe still M.I.A., allegedly last seen jumping a fence near Brackley on a Harley Davidson, Mat Coch tries his hardest to keep countryman Crompo in line, though it's questionable whether he succeeds as he takes issue with Giedo Van der Garde (above) and guest steward Martin Donnelly.

Crompo, never one to shy away from controversy, also suggests Massa's time at the Prancing Horse is done and calls for a resurrection of The Hulk's career.

Running at just fifteen minutes it's a bite sized review which takes less time to listen to than it takes to learn how to pronounce hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian.

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Published: 10/06/2013
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