Pirelli to sell HRT on Ebay


Pirelli has revealed that it is to sell a 2011 HRT chassis it owns on Ebay... because nobody appears to want it.

The tyre manufacturer acquired the car last year as part-payment when the Spanish team went out of business, just three years after entering the sport.

Pirelli had intended to use the car, which didn't have an engine, for promotional purposes, painted in the yellow, black and red of the tyre manufacturer. Offered to dealerships for display, it appears nobody wanted to know.

"There doesn't seem to be a lot of enthusiasm, it's a bit of a shame really," Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery told Reuters at the weekend.

"Our marketing department said nobody seems to want to use it. So I said let's put it on eBay for charity," he revealed. "We're trying to find a category on eBay for an F1 car and we'll probably run it for quite a few months to see what money we can raise for charity."

Five other HRT chassis, like this one supplied without engines or gearboxes, were bought by a Spanish car breaker in February. No jokes please.

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Published: 25/04/2013
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