FIA telemetry issue continues


A continuing problem with the FIA's official telemetry systems means that for the fourth successive race drivers will be without cockpit warnings.

The problem, which first surfaced in Melbourne and was originally attributed to mice gnawing through cables, means that drivers are left uninformed regarding warning flags, the deployment of the Safety Car and whether DRS has been disabled or enabled.

Following last week's Chinese Grand Prix eight drivers were under investigation for using DRS whilst yellow flags were in operation though no further action was taken.

Although the FIA is working to resolve the problem, which has been present since it switched supplier, many are unhappy with the situation,

Race Director Charlie Whiting says that while certain aspects of the marshalling system are working - the unreliability of the of telemetry is such that it is best it is not used again today.

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Published: 21/04/2013
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