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Already under intense pressure as the fallout over Sepang continues, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner came clean when asked about something other than the on-going feud between his drivers today.

With Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel having vented their feelings on Friday, the German doing nothing to calm the waters, today Christian Horner was centre stage at the official press conference, probably much to the relief of the others around him including Ross Brawn and newly promoted Claire Williams.

Having had to defend the team's actions in Malaysia, Vettel's echoing of Edith Piaf's sentiments and having had his authority questioned by all and sundry attention finally shifted elsewhere.

"We move on from here to Bahrain," began AP journo Chris Lines, "there are still on-going political and human rights issues there. Are you concerned at all about how this reflects upon Formula One and how it reflects upon your sponsors?"

Leaning into the microphone, a wry grin playing across his lips, Horner replied: "I've got enough problems with my drivers, let alone Bahrain. We've got our own issues."

Never a truer word was spoken.

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Published: 12/04/2013
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