Boullier: Tyres not a political issue


Mat Coch writes:

Tyres have become a hot potato again in 2013 with some teams happy with the new Pirelli rubber while others have struggled.

It's prompted rumours that Lotus is gaining an unfair advantage because the Italian team is using a 2010 spec Enstone car for its tyre testing and development. While there seems to be nothing to the rumour it does indicate the level of paranoia in the paddock.

"I can understand why they are not happy," Lotus boss Eric Boullier said. "The way they designed the car is all based on the aero.

"This is why when the tyres start to be an important part of the car and car performance they can struggle."

Mark Webber has been among the most vocal in expressing his frustration, claiming Formula One is now dominated by tyre management. "Tyres, tyres, tyres, tyres," he complained on Friday in Malaysia. "The whole category is geared around tyres at the moment."

Boullier however sees nothing wrong with the current state of affairs, though naturally for own reasons. "We had the tyres back in Brazil so we knew what we would expect for this year." he said. "Some teams are fast on one lap but they struggle with tyre degradation, which I think is practically to do with the way they designed the car.

"It's not going to be political because one team, Red Bull, is not happy with the tyres. The tyres are the same for everybody," he added. "It's up to each team to adapt to the regulations."

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Published: 24/03/2013
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