COTA unveils US GP trophies


The Circuit of The Americas has unveiled the trophies that will be presented to the winners of the forthcoming United States Grand Prix.

The trophies design combines signature elements from the Circuit with the colours of the American flag.

Richard Fox, owner of Fox Silver in the United Kingdom, is responsible for designing and creating the trophy. Since 1984, Fox Silver has designed and made the winners' trophies for Formula 1 every year. During that time Fox has designed and created more than 600 trophies for Formula 1, World Rally and NASCAR. Most recently the company has designed and manufactured trophies for individual Grands Prix, including events conducted in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Korea.

"To date, the pinnacle for our business has been the commissioning of both the FIA Formula One World Championship Drivers' and Constructors' Trophies," said Richard Fox. "To be involved in the trophy design for Circuit of The Americas is one of our most exciting endeavours. It is such an honour to be involved in the race that will introduce Formula 1 back to the United States. This is an historical time for the sport and we are thrilled to be a part of it."

In addition to Fox's expertise, the design process included significant input from Circuit Chairman and founding partner, Bobby Epstein.

"Being involved in the trophy design was an exciting experience for me," said Epstein. "I felt it was important to incorporate iconic Texan and American symbols into our trophy design to commemorate this exciting time in the history of Formula 1. The final product reflects the tremendous esteem associated with winning a Formula 1 Grand Prix, the pride of the host city and state and the unique aspects of our world-class facility. When this trophy is placed in the hands of the first winner, it will also mark a milestone of success for our team and our community."

Circuit of The Americas is represented in the supports, or handles, joining the trophy's sterling silver cup to the base. These five supports are made of black and red gold-plated aluminium, with the red representing the sweeping canopy of the Circuit's signature 250-foot Tower.

The base reflects back the trophy's structure on polished sterling silver. Atop the base rest three coloured discs in red, white and blue representing the colors of the American flag. The winning inscription will be made along the sterling silver collar. The base also includes the Texas "lone star" enclosed in laurels, which are a traditional symbol of victory in motorsports.

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Published: 05/11/2012
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