Team poised to sign off on final RRA


Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali has confirmed that teams have received a final draft of the proposed Resource Restriction Agreement (RRA).

Teams had handed the task of formulating a new agreement over to the FIA hoping that it would enable it to be more effectively policed. The previous agreement relied on the honesty of teams which allowed scope for finger pointing - typically at Red Bull.

The new agreement is understood to consist of both a chassis and engine component, the FIA keen to have both halves implemented simultaneously. Proceedings have been slowed as a result, with the initial deadline for the document having passed at the end of June.

Speaking in Hungary Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali revealed that progress has been made. "We've had many meetings with the federation, with the teams, so at the moment I think that we received the final document for the final approval," he confirmed.

However with the sport effectively on holiday for the next few weeks as teams commence their mandatory two-week shutdown it's less clear how matters will progress in the short term. Indeed the first opportunity for the teams to discuss the document will be in Belgium at the end of August.

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Published: 29/07/2012
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