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A round up of stories you may have missed over the Monaco Grand prix weekend.

  • The tit for tat squabble over the Circuit of America's continues with both sides of the debate offering new statements in recent days. more
  • There have been further arrests in Montreal as the protests continue, with some factions now calling on the forthcoming Grand Prix to be targeted. more
  • Out of contract at the end of the season, Lewis Hamilton's future has been the subject of increased speculation in recent weeks. more
  • Teams will get a total of 115m as a one-off signing bonus for signing the new Concorde Agreement with around 75% of this expected to be paid this year. more
  • Bernie Ecclestone reveals that from 2013 it will be possible for there to be more than 20 races - a limit which has been reached this year. more
  • In a move that clearly signals its desire to host a Grand Prix, Thailand is to host this year's Race of Champions. more
  • Dany Bahar, the (over)ambitious driving force behind a raft of Group Lotus projects has been suspended by the new owners of the company. more
  • Peter Brabeck, who earlier today was confirmed as Formula One's new chairman, has said that there is no rush to float the sport on the Singapore Stock Exchange. more
  • Even though they are signed up to the Concorde Agreement, there are circumstances in which teams can leave the sport, with Ferrari, as usual, having its own terms. more
  • CVC is planning to float F1 on the Singapore stock exchange and if this happens the status quo will change dramatically due to a key agreement becoming void. more
  • F1 pays less than 5% tax on its annual profits of nearly 320m ($500m), thanks to a series of loans from F1's offshore companies to those based in the UK. more
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    Published: 28/05/2012
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