Exclusive: teams to get new tyres after qualifying says Ecclestone


Formula One's regulations have been changing for as long as most people can remember. They are now designed to produce race results which seem, to many, to be more random than logical but at least they are far from predictable as has often been the case in recent years.

So, having spent years of tinkering to finally hit on a unique formula which is popular with a majority of fans, what are F1's power-brokers going to do? Change the regulations again of course!

With attention focussing on the 2012 tyres from Pirelli, and in particular how drivers are opting not to run in Q3 in an attempt to save fresh rubber for the race, Bernie Ecclestone has revealed to Pitpass' business editor Christian Sylt that drivers will soon be forced to start the race with a fresh set of tyres in order to encourage everyone to push during qualifying.

"What is very wrong with qualifying at the moment is the fact that some of the drivers think they can't be on pole so they would rather save their tyres for the race," says Ecclestone. He adds "I have said the thing to do is they all have another set of tyres so at the end of qualifying those tyres disappear and there's nothing you can save. They are forced to change. What we need is another set of tyres and then there will be more qualifying laps done."

The reason that drivers are particularly disadvantaged by starting a race with worn tyres is that the Pirellis wear down far quicker than those which have previously been used in F1. And, as we have said before, this is no accident.

"Pirelli has done a super job. A fantastic job," says Ecclestone explaining that "it is more difficult for them to build a tyre that can only do 30% of the race and then go off than it is to make a tyre that will do the whole race."

He reveals that "it was part of my agreement with them that the tyres would only last a portion of the race. It was impressive that they could do it. It could easily have gone the other way that they could only do 10 laps or do the whole race. Technically it was a massive achievement and I honestly didn't think they were going to be able to do it."

Now that F1 has finally found what seems to be a magic formula it has to ensure it refrains from further tinkering. That could prove to be the real challenge.

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Published: 23/05/2012
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