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No sooner had Mike Lawrence warned of further trouble in Bahrain than a bomb exploded close to the British embassy in Manama.

Just days ahead of the World Motor Sport Council meeting in New Delhi, at which, among other things, the 2012 calendar will be ratified, an explosive device went off in a minibus parked 50m from the embassy. Thankfully there were no casualties.

"After midnight of last night an explosion was heard in the Ras Ruman area of Manama," a spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior said at a press conference on Sunday. "Police went to the scene and started the investigation as soon as the case was reported. The forensic lab team arrived also and all concerned authorities were informed.

"The explosion was because of an unknown type of explosive device which was placed under the front left wheel of a minibus that was parked in a parking area on Al Hokoma road approximately 50 meters away from the British Embassy in Manama. The explosion led to the wheel being blown off, along with damage to the front of the vehicle. The front and left side glass was also shattered.

"We believe that the material used was highly explosive because of the strength of the explosion; fragments were found approximately 32 meters from the explosion site which created a hole with a diameter of around 30 cm underneath the driver's side of the vehicle. Five other cars parked in the area also received damages. Fortunately there were no injuries or casualties.

"The size of the device is difficult to determine at present but it was highly volatile. The material used in the explosive device is being tested at the forensic laboratories of the Ministry of Interior.

"The Ministry of Interior immediately secured and reinforced the headquarters of embassies in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Ministry of Interior calls upon citizens and residents to immediately report any suspicious car stationed near vital establishments in the Kingdom. The public will be informed of the latest findings as details become available.

"The Ministry of Interior will not waste any efforts to uphold its national responsibility in providing safety for citizens and residents and protecting security, stability and public and private properties.

"The commitment of the rule of law and protection of general order will remain the main duty of all citizens and residents, in order to maintain calm and security stability in the nation."

Meanwhile, as a military court sentences three sportsmen - including bodybuilder Tareq al-Fursani, a gold medallist in several Asian championships, Ali Said, a goalkeeper in the national soccer team, and Mohammed Hassan al-Dirazi, a member of the national basketball team - to one year in prison for taking part in the pro-democracy protests earlier this year, it is worth considering another item tucked away in the Gulf Daily News.

In a country where it is virtually impossible for citizens to have access to firearms, a man was found unconsciousness in a car with a Kalashnikov on Tuesday. The Bahraini, who has been remanded in custody, was spotted near the Alba Roundabout by a passer-by.

According to the Gulf Daily News he aroused suspicion because he had remained motionless in the vehicle for several hours. Police said 25 bullets were found in the car along with a wireless device, two plastic pistols, a box of pills and brown pieces of what was suspected to be a sedative.

Speaking over the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend, Bernie Ecclestone said the 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix will go ahead unless "something terrible" happens though he failed to say exactly what, in his opinion, constitutes "something terrible". God forbid it should be anything as terrible as under-done toast or too many pips in the jam.

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Published: 05/12/2011
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