Brazilian Grand Prix Odds


For those of you interested in putting a friendly wager on the upcoming Brazilian Grand Prix, Bwin Poker and Sportsbetting have recently released their odds on the race. The information below is provided as information.

It should come as no surprise that Sebastian Vettel has the best odds to win the race next weekend. He looks to continue his amazing run, despite the slight hiccough in Abu Dhabi, and is currently 2/1 to take the race. The German was forced out after one lap in Abu Dhabi after a puncture on the opening lap caused damage to his running gear.

Last weekend's winner, Lewis Hamilton is next with 3.75/1 to win while Jenson Button is 5.5/1 to take the top step on the podium on Sunday.

If you like to hedge your bets and would rather bet on which team will finish first, Red Bull is sitting at 1.75/1 odds. McLaren is right behind with 2.5/1 and Ferrari is 7/1

For those looking for top three bets, Vettel is at almost even money with 1.2/1 odds and Hamilton at 1.4/1 odds. Button is 1.55/1 and Fernando Alonso is 2.1/1.

Of course, if you are into specialty bets, you could take Red Bull against the field. Red Bull is currently getting 1.75/1 odds against the entire field with the field getting 1.95/1 odds. If you would rather do a Yes/No specialty bet, one of the more interesting bets is whether Mercedes will finish in the top 3. They are nearly even money against finishing in the top 3 at 1.1/1, but if they happen to make it into one of the top spots, a yes bet pays 11/1. For those of you that are pulling against Sebastian Vettel, a no bet on him placing in the top 3 pays 4/1. A yes bet pays 1.2.

Of course even Bwin, with its reputation as one of the best poker sites and sportsbooks, can't predict what will happen once the race starts. Will Vettel avenge his early exit last weekend or will Hamilton be able to put together back to back wins… as did the German in 2010. We will find out one week from Sunday.

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Published: 24/11/2011
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