FIA confirms two DRS zones for Buddh circuit


As at Montreal and Monza, there will be two separate DRS zones for the Indian Grand Prix this weekend.

The first activation zone is on the pit straight with the detection zone just after Turn 15, the penultimate corner.

The second zone is roughly halfway down the long straight linking Turns 3 and 4, detection being just before Turn 3.

Simulations have shown that the track will have a lap time of around 1:30 with two distinct halves. The first part of the circuit requires good top speed and power since 75% of this part consists of straights. The second part of the track however is twistier and requires a more driveable and responsive engine.

The Buddh track features several undulations, notably the first corner that falls steeply downhill before climbing uphill again into the hairpin (Turn 3) leading to the long back straight.

The long 0.75 mile back straight will see the engines at full throttle for over 15secs. Interestingly this straight also features an altitude change with the track going downhill to the midway point of the straight before then climbing back up.

The multi apex, highly banked turn 10 has a similar profile to turn 8 in Turkey - taken at high speed and high revs, so requiring a smooth application of power throughout the corner.

To check out the official circuit map, click here.

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Published: 26/10/2011
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