Is there no end to Seb's talent?


Not content with becoming the youngest ever double world champion, it appears Sebastian Vettel is looking to conquer fresh fields.

We know that F1 stars leave their sporting rivals lacking in a number of areas. While there is no doubting the fitness of leading footballers, rugby players and the like they more often than not come across as a little intellectually challenged.

F1 drivers, on the other hand, need to take on vast quantities of information, needing to think and react, usually in what is not their first language, in fractions of a second.

However, it would appear that even away from the track two-time world champion Sebastian Vettel is a cut above his peers.

Check out the website for Sheffield's Hallam University and wait for the large box on the right-hand side to scroll through... there's 'Undergraduate Study', 'Current Students', 'Online Prospectus' and why, could it be, surely not.

"We design our courses to give you the edge in the workplace," they claim. So that's how he does it.

The boy's a genius... and no sign of that bloody finger.

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Published: 18/10/2011
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