Exclusive: Ecclestone: 2012 calendar is final


Mat Coch writes:

Bernie Ecclestone insists that there will be no re-structuring of the proposed 2012 calendar submitted to the FIA.

Speaking exclusively with Pitpass in Hungary, the F1 supremo hit back at suggestions that the teams want to discuss the second half of the 2012 calendar.

Eric Boullier and Martin Whitmarsh have commented that the latter part of the season will be logistically difficult for the teams, with seven races in ten weekends across three continents. "We actually plan to ask for a rethink," Boullier told reporters on Saturday. "It is to make it a little bit easier for the task force and a bit cheaper by way of logistics."

Ecclestone however, refutes the teams' suggestions, stating that he alone that will make any decisions as to the calendar. "They don't put the calendar together," he said when asked if the teams will have any say on a potential reshuffle of dates.

Ecclestone's comments are in contrast to those of FOTA boss Martin Whitmarsh, who yesterday was under the impression the calendar was set to change. "The calendar is tough, but I understand it is going to change again," he said. "Until we have the final calendar there is no point complaining about a provisional one."

However, Ecclestone has now confirmed that, as far as he is concerned, the calendar will remain in its current format. "It's not a case of them coming up with anything, it's my decision. If there are any changes I'll make them. They can't force it," adding that the logistics argument won't hold up. "We have concerns which are much more difficult than theirs."

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Published: 31/07/2011
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