FIA to abandon blown diffuser rule?


In a brief statement issued this afternoon, the FIA has agreed that it will do away with the new rule concerning blown diffusers providing it has the agreement of all twelve teams.

As team bosses prepared to hold another meeting on Sunday morning, and with the sport looking ever more shambolic, the following statement was released:

"The measures which were communicated to the teams this morning by the FIA Technical Department stand for the rest of the weekend.

During Saturday morning's Extraordinary Technical Working Group meeting, the members discussed the viability of returning to the pre-Silverstone set-ups and strategies.

If the teams are in unanimous agreement, the FIA is prepared to adopt this arrangement until the end of the current season."

Hopefully this will mark a victory for common sense. Then again, since when was common sense a factor in F1.

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Published: 09/07/2011
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